Maintenance Request Form:


This form is to be filled out for non-emergency maintenance items.

If you have an emergency maintenance item, please call our office at (208)-322-8077

(during business hours) or if  it's after hours please call (208)-489-6383.  

BEFORE submitting a maintenance request please read the troubleshooting tips below:



Troubleshooting Tips:


Furnace & A/C - If not working check the furnace filter first.  The filter is usually located on the furnace itself or behind a vent panel somewhere in the house.  If it's dirty please replace it (tenant responsibility per lease agreement).  Make sure your thermostat is set to heat/cool and that your thermostat has working batteries.  If the furnace or A/C units aren't kicking on at all, please check the circuit breaker in the breaker box.  Turn the switch off for a minute and then back on.  Give the unit a couple minutes to start back up to see if the breaker reset worked.  If your A/C unit outside is iced over, please turn it off and let it thaw.  Once the ice has thawed (usually takes 24 hrs) start the system again.
Disposal - If it's not turning on with the switch, make sure the plug in underneath the sink is plugged all the way into the outlet.  Try pressing the 'reset' button on the disposal itself.  If it's still not working, check the electrical breaker and reset it to see if that helps. Make sure there is nothing stuck in the disposal. Last, watch this video to see if it helps.
Insects & Bugs -  Set traps or use a non-toxic spray inside and outside of the house, especially around noticed points of entry (windows, doors, etc).  Ortho Home Defense is a good product to use.  Any food sources should be closed and sealed.  Make sure any spills or crumbs are cleaned and wiped up. 
Clogged Drain - Try using Draino or any other liquid drain cleaner.  If that does not work, try running some hot water into the drain and using a plunger to loosen the clog. 
Water Leak - Immediately turn off the water to the source (under the sink, behind toilet, etc.) and call the Cobblestone office.
Outlets & Light Switches - If an outlet or light switch isn't working or getting electricity to it, go throughout the home and garage and reset the GFCI buttons.  If that doesn't help, try resetting the breaker for that specific outlet, room or switch from the electrical breaker panel.



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