Management Services for Owners






As a Homeowner or Investor who takes pride in their property, you want a local landlord to find tenants who will

care for the home to the highest possible standard as well as pay their rent on time.  With over 25 years of

experience and an in-depth knowledge of the current rental market, Cobblestone's goal is simple:



*Attract quality tenants, use effective and

friendly communication with all parties

to accomplish tenancy goals and

maximize rental income.*



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Why Choose Cobblestone to Manage your home(s):


1.  Locally owned and operated, Cobblestone has firsthand, in-depth knowledge of the current rental market and rates to help you make the most informed decisions for your rental.


2.  Streamline retrieving and owner documents (such as statements and property inspection reports) in one place through the online owner portal.  Prefer receiving statements by mail?  We can do that too!  Detailed income and expense reports are sent to you monthly.


3.  Management fees are straight forward – no nickel and diming!  Pay only for your management percentage and a $3.50 processing fee.  You don’t pay for advertising fees, tenant placement costs or administrative expenses.  We NEVER upcharge maintenance costs – what the vendor charges is what you pay with no added fees.


4.  Receive your income ASAP with immediate ACH payments into your bank account.  Mailed paper checks are also available.


5.  Cobblestone can pay on your behalf all bills associated the with home such as mortgages, utilities and HOA dues to name a few.


6.  Be as involved or hands off as you’d like.  You decide whether you’d like to be involved in tenant screening, maintenance issues, lease renewals and the move out process.  Or leave it to the pros to take care of everything for you!


7.  We thoroughly screen each applicant by screening their credit, verifying income, checking rental history/references and criminal background to ensure the best candidate is chosen.  A security deposit is always collected to protect your property.



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What the process looks like (10 Steps):


1.  You discuss the rental with the Cobblestone company owners including any questions or special requests.  Afterward, you fill out a management agreement and return it to us.

2.  Once we have the management agreement and all keys/remotes, we will conduct a thorough initial inspection of the home to document its current condition as well as address any maintenance or cleaning items needed before becoming occupied.  After the inspection, our property inspector collaborates with you to see what items (if any) need to be completed before a new tenant moves in.

3.  As soon as we have photos of the home we will advertise it online to attract prospective renters.  Once they apply, we will screen them to make sure they qualify with regards to credit, income, background and rental history.  Once someone is approved, we collect a security deposit from them and schedule the move in date.

4.  Upon the scheduled move in date, the tenants sign our comprehensive and legally sound lease agreement along with paying the first month of pro rated rent.

5.  The tenants move in and you will start receiving your monthly income.  You will also receive a monthly owner statement available through your online owner portal or by mail if you choose.

6.  As lease renewals, maintenance, etc. come up during the tenancy, Cobblestone will contact you based on your communication preferences.

7.  In the case where a tenant gives a 30 day notice to vacate, we will notify you immediately along with advertising the home online to find someone to move in as soon as the turnover maintenance and cleaning is completed. 

8.  Once the current tenant turns in keys, our property inspector will conduct a detailed move out inspection and document the condition of the home along with any maintenance and cleaning items needing to be addressed before a new tenant moves in.  The inspection report will be sent to you via the owner portal (or email if you choose) so you can collaborate to decide which items you’d like taken care of.

10.  As soon as all turnover maintenance and cleaning items are completed, we will arrange for the new approved tenants to sign the lease and move in.






We welcome the opportunity to manage your property!

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